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“I have had the good fortune to call Lynette a dear friend for many years— in fact she has been responsible for all of my real estate transactions over three plus decades. It was a given that when I someday decided to sell our Newton home she would be our agent. Little did we know that the process would become highly accelerated once we fell in love with our next home, which required that our current house first had to be sold in order to make the purchase. To say that our house was in no condition to put on the market is an understatement, and I was utterly overwhelmed. It seemed like an impossible feat, but Lynette took charge and orchestrated the entire process, from painting and repairs to staging and organizing. She knew all of the right people to pull in and, through her many connections and strong relationships in the industry, she made it all happen in a few short weeks, which felt like nothing less than a minor miracle. 

“We were in awe of her ability to navigate and facilitate, always with a smile on her face and a positive attitude even in the face of looming deadlines. There was not a single person with whom I spoke throughout the process who did not sing her praises. During times of doubt and exhaustion, Lynette assured me that it would all be worth it and she couldn’t have been more correct.  The house sold immediately at a far higher price than I could have ever imagined. 

“I have learned much from Lynette over the years as I have watched her become a true leader in her field. We are so appreciative that we were lucky enough to have such a consummate expert to guide us through the myriad challenges of real estate transactions and we can’t wait to move into our new home this coming week.  It is an understatement to say we couldn’t have done it without her!”

-- Lynn B., December 2017

“I am writing to let you know what a wonderful job Lynette Glover did to help me sell my house of 22 years and buy a condominium.  I was downsizing and I wanted to stay in Brookline. When I started the search for a condo I was unsure about moving.  Thanks to Lynette’s sensitivity and understanding, I never felt pushed or pressured by her to make premature decisions. She was infinitely patient and supportive as she showed me potential condos while I worked through my misgivings about taking this big step.   

“When I was finally ready, Lynette immediately knew how to shift into high gear to get my house on the market at the most opportune time. Without losing her calm, she carefully orchestrated all the steps that needed to be done to maximize the selling potential of my home.  She hired a photographer who took great pictures and found an excellent stager who made significant improvements to the feel of my house.  Lynette had many resources at her fingertips that she used to help me, including knowing places to sell or donate my many things.  She even provided some of the home furnishings to help decorate my house. 

“Lynette’s efforts were a huge success!  The house sold on the first weekend it was on the market, for $100,000 over asking price.   I couldn’t have been happier. Within two months I had made a bid on a condo in Brookline very close to my former house.  When buying the condo, Lynette provided more useful recommendations and I was very satisfied with the additional workers she suggested, including painter, electrician and inspector as well as colorist.   

“I guess you can say I like Lynette a lot!  She was my real estate agent 22 years ago when I bought the house that she just helped me sell. I knew I wanted her to help me the second time around and I am very happy with the result.”  

-- Kathryn K., August 2017

“Thank you for navigating us through the process of selling our home. We simply could not have asked for a better Realtor. We really appreciated your attention to detail, responsiveness, and guidance.”

-- Jeff C. and Jenica D., May 2017

"When we first moved to Brookline we asked a friend who had lived in the area for nearly 50 years to recommend a real estate agent. He said that Lynette Glover was the best agent in the Boston area. After having Lynette sell our old house in Newton, find us a wonderful apartment in Brookline and then sell it for us 16 years later, we know our friend was right.

“Working with Lynette was a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable and professional but also warm, friendly and funny. She has a firm grasp of the area and market conditions. She did most of the heavy lifting in correctly pricing the apartment for maximum bids, helping us prepare for showing, and assuring that a good number of potential buyers came to view our place. It sold for substantially more than we anticipated on the first day of sale. She also skillfully guided us through the paperwork involved in the sale.

“We can only add that anyone in this area who is planning to buy or sell real estate would be very lucky to have Lynette as their agent.”

-- Philip S., April 2017